Secure Success Stories

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  • Jason Low
    Business Development Manager, Mama Kim Wellness Kitchen

    “I came across these food delivery robots during my travels in the States and Australia. When one of our founding members approached me about trying them out, I was eager to give it a shot! These robots have been a tremendous help, especially during the post-COVID manpower shortage we faced here. They have significantly improved and supported our operations. Thanks to Secure Robotics and their robots, we believe we can ensure better longevity and quality of life for our hardworking workforce. Highly recommended!”

  • Vin
    Founder, Sushi Ya

    “I took a chance and purchased 4 Kettybots from Secure Robotics for a trial, and I’m thrilled with the results! The benefits were beyond satisfactory, so now I have them at all my outlets. These robots have not only boosted efficiency but also elevated the quality of service. The kids adore them, and they’ve become a fantastic way to reduce labour costs, as one robot can accomplish the work of 1-2 people. I wholeheartedly recommend Secure Robotics for their exceptional products and service!”

  • Siti Noraini
    Founder, Nippon Sushi

    “Robots have been a game-changer for my restaurant. They support our staff, cut labor costs, and delight customers, especially kids! The little ones love the robots so much that they eagerly wait for their orders delivered by them. These hardworking robots never complain, take breaks, or need vacations, working over 10 hours daily. They’ve become an irreplaceable attraction, adding magic to our dining experience. Thanks to them, our business is thriving!”

Our Satisfied Clients

  • Nippon Sushi
  • Old Town
  • Q Bistro
  • Sushi Ya
  • BBQ Plaza

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