Old Town White Coffee – Elevating Service with Pudubot Classic

How Robot Waiters and Secure Robotics are revolutionising the Malaysian service industry


Old Town White Coffee, a prominent coffee chain, partnered with Secure Robotics to embrace innovative automation solutions and enhance its service efficiency. They introduced the Pudubot Classic, a versatile robot, as a runner to cater to far tables in their bustling outlets.



Old Town White Coffee faced occasional challenges during peak hours when there was a surge in customers, leading to understaffing issues. This resulted in a strain on their service quality and the team’s ability to attend to all customers promptly.



To overcome these challenges, Old Town White Coffee collaborated with Secure Robotics and integrated the Pudubot Classic into their operations. The Pudubot Classic was equipped to transport orders to far tables, freeing up the staff to focus on other essential tasks and providing more personalized service to customers.



The Pudubot Classic swiftly adapted to the coffee chain’s environment, seamlessly navigating through the bustling outlets. Its user-friendly interface and precision in delivering orders to far tables impressed both customers and staff alike.



With the Pudubot Classic as a valuable team member, Old Town White Coffee witnessed a remarkable improvement in service efficiency. The robot’s consistent and timely deliveries contributed to a smoother and more satisfying dining experience for customers. The staff, relieved from the burden of running orders to distant tables, could now dedicate their attention to customer needs, leading to heightened satisfaction levels.


Customer Delight:

The introduction of the Pudubot Classic at Old Town White Coffee, sourced from Secure Robotics, added a touch of innovation to the dining experience, captivating customers and garnering positive feedback. The sight of the robot effortlessly navigating through the outlet became an attraction in itself, leaving a lasting impression on visitors, and drawing them back for more.


Current Status:

Old Town White Coffee currently boasts 11 Pudubot Classic robots across their outlets, making them a leading example of how automation technology elevates service in the F&B industry.



Old Town White Coffee’s collaboration with Secure Robotics and integration of the Pudubot Classic showcases the seamless fusion of technology and hospitality. By embracing automation, they successfully elevated their service quality, turning challenges into opportunities to excel. As a result, the coffee chain stands as a prime example of how Pudubot Classic can enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction in the F&B industry. With the Pudubot Classic from Secure Robotics as a reliable partner, Old Town White Coffee continues to delight customers, making every visit a memorable one.

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