Case Study: Q Bistro – Revolutionizing Indian Cuisine with Bellabots and Pudubot Classic

Pudubot Classic and Bellabot - Robot Waiters Revolutionising Malaysia's Service Industry


Q Bistro, a popular Indian food restaurant with multiple outlets across Malaysia, faced operational challenges due to a lack of workers and high customer volume during long operation hours. In an effort to enhance efficiency and customer experience, they decided to explore the potential of robotics. Their journey began with the trial of Bellabot, robots from Secure Robotics, at one of their outlets in Cheras.


Trial Success and Expansion:

The trial of Bellabot at Q Bistro’s Cheras outlet exceeded expectations. They were impressed with how the robots seamlessly assisted the staff in delivering delicious Indian dishes to customers. Bellabot’s versatility proved invaluable as it could be stationed at different points in the restaurant depending on the demand – be it drinks, roti, or other delectable items. At that point, Q Bistro decided to add Pudubot Classic to their service operations as well.


Addressing the Main Challenges:

Q Bistro’s main challenges of a lack of workers and high volume were expertly handled by the Bellabots and Pudubot Classic. With a total of 18 Bellabots and Pudubot Classics now deployed across their outlets, Q Bistro’s operations have undergone a transformation. The robots efficiently navigate through the restaurant, skillfully avoiding obstacles, and effectively serve customers even at far tables.


Seamless Integration:

The integration of Bellabots and Pudubot Classics into Q Bistro’s daily operations was remarkably smooth. The robots quickly became an essential part of the team, earning the admiration of customers and staff alike. With the robots handling repetitive tasks, the staff can now concentrate on providing personalized service and attending to other essential tasks.


Customer Delight:

The presence of Bellabots and Pudubot Classics at Q Bistro has become an attraction in itself. Customers are fascinated by the robots, making dining at Q Bistro an unforgettable experience. The seamless service and quick deliveries have earned praise from patrons, elevating Q Bistro’s reputation as a customer-centric establishment.


Future Outlook:

Q Bistro’s success with Bellabots and Pudubot Classics has encouraged them to explore further possibilities for incorporating robotics in their operations. They are keen to leverage technology to enhance efficiency and elevate customer experience continually. With the support of Bellabots and Pudubot Classics, Q Bistro is well-positioned to meet future challenges and provide exceptional service to its patrons.



Q Bistro’s journey with Bellabots and Pudubot Classics showcases the positive impact of embracing innovative solutions. Secure Robotics’ robots have proven to be the perfect fit for Q Bistro, addressing their workforce and operational challenges. With their seamless integration, the robots have become valuable assets, ensuring efficient service delivery and customer delight. As Q Bistro continues to thrive with the support of Bellabots and Pudubot Classic, they stand as a testament to the transformative potential of robotics in the Indian food industry.

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