Sushi Ya’s Robot Waiters: The Kettybots Success Story

Pudubot Classic and Bellabot - Robot Waiters Revolutionising Malaysia's Service Industry


Sushi Ya, a renowned Sushi restaurant that originated in Penang, sought innovative solutions to enhance their dining experience. Intrigued by the potential of automation, they decided to conduct a test run with Kettybots, a smart delivery robot.


Sushi Ya faced a common challenge in managing ala-carte orders alongside their conveyor belt for sushi. The staff often had to repeatedly go into the kitchen to deliver these orders, causing inefficiencies and potential delays in service.



To address this challenge, Sushi Ya introduced Kettybots into their operations. These compact robots were ideal for navigating the restaurant’s narrow walkway and delivering ala-carte orders. With Kettybots handling the delivery, the kitchen staff could focus on preparing dishes, ensuring a seamless and timely dining experience.



Sushi Ya successfully integrated Kettybots into their restaurant workflow. The robots swiftly moved through the restaurant, sending ala-carte orders to customers’ tables. Utilizing Kettybots’ built-in screen, the restaurant creatively utilized the platform to showcase enticing marketing messages, upselling their products, including sauces, food, and drinks. The robots also played cheerful music, enhancing the dining atmosphere and leaving customers with a happy and delightful experience.



With Kettybots as their reliable service companions, Sushi Ya witnessed a remarkable improvement in their overall dining service. The robots efficiently delivered orders, allowing the staff to focus on providing personalized service and ensuring customer satisfaction. Moreover, the interactive screen and cute Kettybot face captivated customers, fostering a sense of engagement and excitement during their dining journey.


Customer Delight:

The introduction of Kettybots at Sushi Ya added a unique and entertaining aspect to the dining experience, leaving a lasting impression on customers. The combination of efficient service and delightful ambiance created a memorable and enjoyable environment for diners, making them eager to return for more.



Sushi Ya’s partnership with Kettybots exemplifies how automation can revolutionize the F&B industry. By adopting smart delivery robots, the restaurant efficiently managed ala-carte orders, optimized workflow, and enhanced customer satisfaction. With Kettybots as their trusty team members, Sushi Ya continues to elevate their dining service, showcasing how technology and creativity harmoniously work together to create an exceptional dining experience.

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