Case Study: Nippon Sushi – Embracing Efficiency with Kettybot

How Robot Waiters and Secure Robotics are changing the service indudstry

Business Overview:

Nippon Sushi, a renowned Japanese restaurant chain with locations nationwide, has always been committed to delivering exceptional dining experiences. Founded by Siti Noraini, Nippon Sushi continuously strives to provide memorable culinary journeys. Seeking to add a technological element to their establishments, the management of Nippon Sushi made the innovative decision to incorporate Secure Robotics’ smart delivery robot, Kettybot, into their restaurant operations.

The Challenge:

Like many restaurant chains, Nippon Sushi faced the ongoing challenge of managing staff availability, especially during peak hours. They wanted to ensure timely and efficient food delivery while reducing the strain on their workforce.

The Solution:

Recognizing that leveraging technology could address their operational challenges, Nippon Sushi, led by founder Siti Noraini, opted to introduce Kettybot, a cutting-edge smart delivery robot from Secure Robotics, to enhance the efficiency of their operations. Kettybot was the perfect fit for their needs, with its sleek design, advanced navigation capabilities, and secure food compartments.

The Results:

Since implementing Kettybot, Nippon Sushi has experienced a remarkable transformation in their operations. Here are the key outcomes:

Enhanced Efficiency: Kettybot seamlessly navigates through Nippon Sushi’s restaurants, efficiently delivering orders to customers’ tables. This has significantly reduced wait times and increased overall operational efficiency across their locations.

Reliable and Consistent Service: Kettybot has become an invaluable addition to Nippon Sushi’s team, consistently delivering food with precision and accuracy. It operates tirelessly without the need for breaks or leaves, ensuring a seamless dining experience for customers.

Streamlined Workforce: By offloading the responsibility of food delivery to Kettybot, Nippon Sushi’s staff can focus more on customer service, creating a welcoming and personalized dining atmosphere at each location.

Positive Customer Feedback: Customers at Nippon Sushi have embraced the integration of technology, appreciating the efficiency and modern touch it adds to their dining experience. The introduction of Kettybot has garnered positive reviews and increased customer satisfaction across their branches.