Robot Waiters in Malaysia: Enhancing Efficiency and Service – A BBQ Plaza Case Study

How Robot Waiters and Secure Robotics are revolutionising the Malaysian service industry


BBQ Plaza, a renowned restaurant chain originating from Thailand and specializing in moo kata-style hotpot, faced a significant challenge during the MCO (Movement Control Order) period due to a lack of workers. With the need to send out numerous dishes from the kitchen to outside tables and handle buffet-style services, they sought an innovative solution to alleviate the manpower shortage. As one of the early adopters of smart delivery robot technology in Malaysia, they turned to Secure Robotics for assistance.


Secure Robotics presented a cutting-edge solution – deploying Pudubot Classic robots as runners to transport food from the kitchen to the outside tables, easing the workload on the staff and ensuring efficient service. The Pudubot Classic robots were equipped with three trays, accommodating a considerable number of dishes, making them ideal for handling the restaurant’s high demand during buffet-style service.


BBQ Plaza embraced the concept and integrated the Pudubot Classic robots into their daily operations. Each store acquired one robot, which quickly became an essential member of the team. The robots took on the role of efficient runners, delivering delectable dishes from the kitchen to the awaiting customers, ensuring seamless and timely service.



With the Pudubot Classic robots seamlessly integrated into their operations, BBQ Plaza experienced a notable improvement in efficiency and service quality. The robots efficiently navigated through the restaurant, skillfully avoiding obstacles, and delivering orders with precision. This relieved the staff of repetitive tasks and allowed them to focus on providing personalized attention to customers.

Moreover, the robots’ adaptability proved advantageous beyond food delivery. BBQ Plaza ingeniously repurposed the Pudubot Classic robots to collect dirty dishes and clear tables, further streamlining their dining experience.


Customer Delight:

The introduction of Pudubot Classic robots at BBQ Plaza has not only eased the impact of the manpower shortage but has also become an attraction in itself. Customers, especially children, were delighted by the presence of the robots, enhancing the overall dining experience and making the restaurant a memorable destination for families.



BBQ Plaza’s successful adoption of robotics technology in their operations exemplifies the positive impact of embracing innovation. Secure Robotics’ solution empowered the restaurant to overcome challenges, improve efficiency, and maintain service excellence, even during challenging times. With the Pudubot Classic robots as valuable team members, BBQ Plaza, the renowned chain from Thailand, continues to impress patrons, cementing its position as a pioneer in the F&B industry and ensuring a delightful experience for diners at every visit.



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